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Squeegee Applications 2017-04-19T10:19:32+00:00

Squeegee Applications

Screen Printing is a process in which a Squeegee Blade pushes Ink through a Screen, which has had areas blocked off by a stencil. The ink is then pushed though the areas of mesh that have not been blocked, printing an image on the substrate. Using several screens, multiple colours can be applied. Screen printing is arguably the most versatile of printing techniques and is valued for its ability to print on a wide variety of materials with flexibility. Also known as Silk Screen Printing, Serigraphy and Serigraph.

ORA Squeegee Blades are used in a wide variety of industries to produce many thousands of different products. Users vary from printers using hand held Squeegees in manual processes, to large Blue Chip companies running state of the art factories.

Whatever the application, customers can be sure that ORA Squeegees will help them to achieve the desired print.

A number of common Screen Printing applications using ORA Squeegees are:

• Bottle
• Ceramic
• CD / DVD Disc
• Electronic and Printed Circuit Board (PCB)
• Decal
• Glass
• Graphics
• Industrial
• Solar / Photo Voltaic (PV)
• Textile

For the suitable material to use in each application, please see ORA Squeegee Materials