ORA Squeegees supply a range of squeegee edge profiles. In addition to the
common square edge there are a variety of single and double bevel
profiles that fulfil various mechanical and printing
requirements. For identification purposes each profile has been
given its own reference G1, G2 etc

The standard Square Edged profile is used for a wide range of applications, but most commonly used in general textile and graphics applications.  Suitable for both manual and automatic printing and on a wide range of substrates.


Single bevelled squeegees, generally used for printing into non-absorbent surfaces such as plastic, glass or metal. Conforms easily to irregular surfaces while maintaining excellent ink deposit. Widely used on container printing and also good on bottle printing.


This double bevel edge blade (60 & 45 deg) provides excellent control for direct printing onto cylindrical surfaces and irregular forms, also fine print for textiles.


This double bevel flat edge blade is used on most substrates including direct ceramic printing. The profile allows for maximum ink shear and good angle control when depositing ink with a wide range of viscosity on multiple substrates.


Blade will flex less preventing roll over, the angle is therefore maintained giving excellent ink shear. The softer edge allowing for good ink deposit.


Square edge Composite Triple hardness blade gives the printer the responsiveness of a soft to medium hard blade without the undesired flexing created by increased secondary force squeegee pressure. Excellent for printing on high mesh counts with high tension.


The single bevel flat edge blade, allows for increase squeegee angle while maintaining the sharp edge for maximum ink shear on cylindrical substrates. Works well with high viscosity ink.


G18 (Bullnose)
A moulded product, popular in applications such as textile printing and adhesive printing and offering maximum ink deposit.


G25 (Diamond)
Used extensively on PCB machines, this “Diamond” profile is most common in 9.5×9.5mm or 10x10mm dimensions. The squeegee is fitted close to the holder enabling greater control whilst printing.


The new G30 profiled ORA Squeegee Blade is constructed with a rigid fibreglass backing and a Polyurethane Printing strip. The Polyurethane component is the ORA Tetra material, which is a Vulkollan ® polyurethane made under licence from Bayer AG.
The two part construction of the G30 blade eliminates flexing that can occur with standard polyurethane blades. The rigid backing enables you to achieve very consistent results with even pressure and a constant printing angle.


The two part construction consists of a fibreglass backing with a Tetra polyurethane strip, offering optimum performance in rotary applications. The G30R eliminates undesirable flexing, ensuring optimum accuracy and even contact with the screen.


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